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Emotional detox ❤ Along my healing journey, I have released and healed many physical ailments. I've gone through physical #healingcrises that took my breath away, and I've watched and felt my body change and #regenerate. But perhaps most challenging of all have been the emotional healing crises. The times when trauma and past experiences are released from the cellular memory, and you're forced to relive it and learn the lessons you perhaps weren't able to learn the first time around. This is EMOTIONAL DETOX!🙏🏼🍉 It is perfectly natural. It is perfectly necessary. And it is perfectly healing. Regenerative Detoxification is not just about food – it is about your body, your mind, and your soul. It is about balancing the entity that is your total being. 🍀 A huge part of my healing has been, and still is, about learning how to love, respect, protect and CARE for myself, in the same way I have been loving, respecting, protecting, and caring for everyone else around me my whole life. It has been about learning to set boundaries, and to love myself unconditionally, with no strings attached. It has been about honoring myself, and realizing that #IAM worthy of love and respect, and that I AM… enough! – even when I am not the perfect example of #health. Even when I am not my most beautiful. Even when I am not succeeding. Even when I fail, feel down, look my worst and struggle with life. This is my #bookofaffirmations . In this book, I write down all the positive affirmations that I so often struggle to remember. I try to read them out loud to myself every day, and it helps me stay positive and focused, even when I'm struggling. On top is my rose quartz amathyst bracelet, which I use during my angel prayers and #spiritualpractise. I believe it brings me peace, and harbors good, healing energy. Thank you for letting me share my journey with you. I am truly honored and grateful that you're here 🙏🏼🍀🍉 Love, Kamilla #emotionaldetox #detox #detoxification #healing #crystals #rosequartz #amethyst #journey #spirituality #fruit #helbreddigselvnu #affirmations #angelprayers #detoxspecialist #bodymindsoul #rawvegan #rawalignment #rawfood #uncut #bare

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Det seneste år, har jeg levet på en kost bestående af hovedsageligt frugt.Ifølge sundhedsstyrelsen, er dette en…

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Jeg mødte Kamilla online på Facebook i en raw challenge, hvor hun var detoxekspert under hele forløbet. Lige med det…

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